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Our chat technology improves your business!

Chatback offers easy personal chat tooling to efficiently contact and engage customers, so you will grow your business

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Feedback & Insights

Find out what customers really think of you. Collect feedback at the right moment and analyze your insights 24/7 in our easy to use dashboard.

Data & Reviews

Want to collect personal data? Need more reviews? With Chatback, customers will tell you much more and are likely to share a review on any platform

Engagement & Content

By using our interactive chats, you will immediately create engagement. Chatback makes it possible to provide your customers only the right content.

Conversion & Sales

Offer great deals in chat and increase your conversion and sales.


Chatback is FUN, platform independent & 100% reliable!

How does it work?



We invite customers with various triggers that will lead to our chats.


We create a tailor-made chat in your own look and feel that will interact with your customer.


We provide a personal dashboard with data and insights.


Our chats lead to various business goals, such as engagement, conversion and sales.

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